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Large Intestine Health Month

Large Intestine Health Month

Large Intestine Health MonthAdvanced Alternative Medicine Center is here to help with all that ails you. As a chiropractor in Pooler, NY, Dr. Richard Huntoon wants to be sure that you are at your best and aware of the problems that can affect your health through your large intestine. Health problems in your digestive system can ultimately cause problems in your back and eventually your entire body, if not treated properly.

One issue that is a problem in the large intestine is an epidemic in our country called digestive yeast infections. The large intestine normally has a delicate balance between good bacteria, yeast and candida that helps to keep the digestive system in tip top shape by aiding in digestion and nutrient absorption. However, if the yeast/candida gets overgrown, then there becomes a problem in your intestines. If you eat a diet high in carbohydrates, consume alcohol, eat fermented foods, have high-stress in your life, and have recently taken a high dose of antibiotics, you can be at risk for a digestive yeast infection.

So, how do you know if you are suffering from a yeast/candida infection? The answer will manifest as gas and bloating, indigestion and other stomach upset, sugar cravings and your skin will let you know. You may find yourself with athlete’s foot, bloating and diarrhea, skin rashes, vaginal infections, severe allergies, fatigue, drowsiness, and irritability. These could all be symptoms of a digestive yeast infection. Having an evaluation with a trained expert who deals with this very common health concern is prudent. Dr. Richard Huntoon at Advanced Alternative Medicine Center wants to ensure you are healthy and that your body is in tip top shape.

Things you can do to help the condition are, eat less sugars, stop eating fermented foods, and take a good probiotic. The good probiotics will help replace the bacteria that were destroyed through any antibiotic exposure. Remember that your health is a top priority and that taking care of yourself is of utmost importance. While focusing on being healthy, stop by your Pooler chiropractor for a wellness alignment with Dr. Huntoon, who would be glad to see you.

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For Your Health,

Dr. Richard Huntoon

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