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Chiropractic Health Month!

Chiropractic Health Month!

Chiropractic Health MonthYour Pooler chiropractor would love to have you visit for a special adjustment. Pooler chiropractic clinics can help you improve your overall well-being by scheduling a session today. Dr. Huntoon at Advanced Alternative Medicine Center would love to help you with your chiropractic and other health care needs.

During chiropractic health month, it is important to learn how the field of chiropractic has evolved over the past 117 years. The field has mistakenly been thought primarily as working only on “backs”, but there is so much more to this profession than just backs and spinal alignments. Ideally, Chiropractors should be your first line of defense in the treatment of your ailments, because they are a conservative approach that does not use medicine or surgery to fix your concerns. By removing interference from your Nervous System, their hands-on and natural approach can work wonders and should be explored prior to more serious intervention using harmful medication.

The field of chiropractic has changed. Chiropractic physicians are considered primary care doctors now. That means they can care for you and a full range of health conditions. They are also an excellent option for those who are wanting to maintain health and prevent disease without medication. They work in concert with MD’s, surgeons, and neurologists to improve the health of their patient.

So, what disorders are chiropractic physicians helping to manage? Allergies, digestive problems, and respiratory illnesses are disorders that can be managed and improved with the help of chiropractic care. They understand the special needs of younger patients, older patients and pregnant patients as well. Your chiropractor in Pooler, NY, would love to meet with you and schedule an appointment to visit and discuss what ails you.

Most chiropractors work within the realm of natural medicine therapies. They incorporate counseling, rehabilitation, acupuncture, essential oils, spine and joint manipulation, as well as lifestyle modification to help to heal and improve the function of the body related to the symptoms the patient is suffering. They can help you recover from your ailments and provide a 100 % natural way of healing.

Many chiropractors have cross-trained in additional fields to incorporate sports medicine, acupuncture, diagnostic imaging, and internal medicine. These multi-talented chiropractors can be your first line of defense in protecting your health. They will begin with a consultation and examination process that is very thorough yet conservative in nature. The process and unique perspective can enhance the current care you are receiving and will work better for you in the long run. Just remember that chiropractors are a lot more than just back doctors. Their motto is “Conservative care first” and that is what chiropractic care provides. Pooler chiropractors can help you heal without the need for surgery or medicine in many instances. Call Advanced Alternative Medicine Center and let Dr. Huntoon enhance your health and your life.

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For Your Health,

Dr. Richard Huntoon

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