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Why You Get Sunburn

Why You Get Sunburn
by Dr. Richard Huntoon

Read Why You Get Sunburn by Dr. Richard Huntoon to learn more about Advanced Alternative Medicine Center and our Chiropractic office in Pooler, GA.

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As the summer weather finally begins to arrive, many of you will be spending as much time as possible outdoors and creating all the Vitamin D your body could possibly need.  This is done as the ultraviolet rays from the sun convert skin oil to Vitamin D.  The Vitamin D that is created then moves into the blood stream.  Associated with the Vitamin D production and movement into the blood is Calcium, which is either pulled from the digestive tract when sufficient quantities are available, or it is pulled from the tissues.  This is a natural process and one that occurs every time you are exposed to the sun.

For those of you who don’t know, it is possible to get too much Vitamin D production.  This is a condition known as hypervitaminosis D.  Some might call it sunstroke, or sun poisoning, as you will begin to experience nausea and fever from the overproduction of Vitamin D.  Actually, it is not too much Vitamin D, but a deficiency in Vitamin F, Vitamin D’s antagonist.  Normally, Vitamin D picks up Calcium from the gut and puts it into the blood.  Vitamin F, on the other hand, takes it from the blood and puts it into the tissues.

How does an imbalance occur?  Suppose you get plenty of Vitamin D and no Vitamin F.  Your blood Calcium level will increase at the expense of the tissue Calcium level, because Vitamin D not only picks up Calcium from the gut in a deficiency of Vitamin F, it brings Calcium from the tissues back into the blood, as stated.  That’s why farmers and other people who are in the sun a lot get thick leathery skin, if they don’t eat enough Vitamin F.  They will potentially get hives.  They will get sunstroke.  Sunstroke involves high blood Calcium levels with low tissue Calcium levels.  As I say, it is not so much a matter of too much Vitamin D, but a lack of Vitamin F.

So what is this Vitamin F?  Vitamin F is part of the Whole Vitamin E complex.  It used to be talked about up until about 1945.  When a butter substitute was introduced, the reference to Vitamin F was deleted from the literature, as the butter substitute didn’t include Vitamin F in the ingredients.  In scientific textbooks, vitamin F is referred to as the polyunsaturated fatty acids.  It is the source of essential polyunsaturated fatty acids used to transport Calcium from the blood into the tissues.  The traditional sources for Vitamin E in the diet, which include Vitamin F, are vegetable oils.  But the best quality vitamin E comes from whole vegetables themselves.  Green lettuce is one of the best sources.

So how do we get enough Vitamin F in our diet?  High potency vitamin E products, typically found in most vitamin E supplements, are based on the concentration of alpha-tocopherol.  In an effort to sell vitamin E, the government bases its vitamin E potency requirements on the amount of Alpha-tocopherol it contains.  It doesn’t take into consideration all the other components that are naturally found within the Whole Vitamin E complex, including Vitamin F.  In the manufacturing process, the tocopherols (7 in all) are broken down and separated from the oils.  Unfortunately, the oil portion of the Vitamin E is where the vitamin F is found.  Also of importance, the oils are separated off from the rest of the E Complex because most will go rancid after 5 to 7 days.  Therefore, most people become Vitamin F deficient as a result of eating a typical American diet.  The vitamin F oils have been removed so you will enjoy the taste of the food since the rancid oil potential has been removed from the food.  So to get sufficient Vitamin F, one would need to eat lots of fresh leafy green vegetables and lots of butter, another high concentration source of vitamin F.

Getting back to the excess Vitamin D.  Created from extreme exposure to the sun, it is known to cause cancer.  For example, farmers who are out in the sun all day long, every day, have a much higher incidence of skin cancer then people who are not in the sun as much.  You might have read articles that say you should stay out of the sun, and that sunshine is hazardous to the health.  Well it’s only dangerous to people who are vitamin F deficient.

Now, let’s begin to understand Vitamin D.  The most frequent use for it is for people with low blood pressure.  There seems to be a correlation between blood pressure and blood Calcium levels.  People who have low blood pressure are apt to have low blood calcium levels, unless their Adrenals are weak.  That could be another case for low blood pressure.  So that is the most common use for vitamin D.  And most MD’s will tell you vitamin D is required to build strong bones.  This is not directly true.  Calcium and the other trace minerals are necessary to build strong bones, and vitamin D is part of that equation.  But since there is never one specific ingredient, but a complex of ingredients, Vitamin D by itself is not the whole story.

As I said earlier, vitamin F also delivers Calcium into the tissues from the blood.  What does this do?  Without this mechanism working properly, there’s tissue Calcium starvation with resulting itching of the skin.  Anybody whose skin itches, look out!  They need vitamin F and Calcium Lactate.  Give them Calcium Lactate to be sure they have enough Calcium, and Vitamin F to deliver the Calcium into the tissues.  This can go to any degree.  Hives that people get from being out in the sun a lot — the big welts that form around the tender parts of the body — this is a symptom of tissue calcium deficiency.  If you can give these people Vitamin F, the calcium that is already in their blood is delivered into the tissues and the welts clear up.  Canker sores that develop on the inside of the mouth are also related to tissue calcium starvation.  But if your tissue calcium stays sufficiently high, the virus never forms the canker sore.  It is not such a bad thing to have them because they reveal your tissue calcium levels.  As soon as the tissue calcium levels goes down, they pop out and you know you need Calcium Lactate.

What You Should Consider

Any time you are developing sun burn, itching skin or sun welts, you must understand it is due to a deficiency in Vitamin F.  There may also be an imbalance within the Vitamin D and Calcium Lactate ratio within the body, as too much Calcium is in the blood, and not in the tissues where it is needed most.  Restoring balance to this mechanism within the body would require eating many more servings of organic, fresh, leafy green vegetables.  Green Lettuce, pea vine juice and pea pods are great sources of the whole vitamin E complex necessary to acquire the vitamin F fraction.  Another natural source of vitamin F is through eating butter.  Butter is an excellent source of vitamin F and makes food taste better too.  A quicker way is to get some vitamin F made available in a Standard Process product called Cataplex F.  It is also important to make sure your body is processing and assimilating its Calcium Lactate and vitamin D properly.  These are all things I can help you evaluate through the office.  Sunburn is not something to be taken lightly.  Buying stock in sun-screen is not the solution.  Listen to what your body is telling you and treat it accordingly.  That’s always the best solution.

My Offer To You

If you are a person who suffers with sun sensitivity or sun burn, you should come in for the Vitamin F Check.  To ALL Current Practice Members, this can be done with your next scheduled office visit.  This $75.00 value will be yours for FREE!  It doesn’t take all that long, yet the information of knowing you are deficient will help explain some other possible health imbalances.  Call The Office and let us know you want the Vitamin F Check.  This offer expires June 30th, 2011

To ALL Potential New Practice Members, I offer you the opportunity to come have the Vitamin F Check.  Call The Office and tell us you’d like to schedule for the Vitamin F Check.  You will be invited to my Tuesday Night FREE Health Care Class and we can take the time to do the Vitamin F Check then, along with addressing any of your other health concerns or questions.  Simply call the office at (845) 561 BACK (2225) and tell us to sign you up for the class.  But you must CALL TODAY!!  This offer expires June 30th.  After the 30th, the offer will be gone, and the normal $75.00 charge for a check will apply.  So CALL NOW!  (845)561-2225.

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