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Master vs. Technician

Master vs. Technician
by Dr. Richard Huntoon

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What are you looking for in a practitioner?  Like anything else in life, when you want a service or need a service, which would you prefer:  A Master or a technician?  When life requires you to get a job done right, do you go with the basics, or do you go with what will truly take care of the problem?  Do you relieve the problem, or truly fix it so you don’t have to worry about it again?  These are a couple of questions we all consider either consciously or sub-consciously when making choices.  And our choices, and more importantly our outcomes, usually show us what we have chosen.  I am reminded of a quote I use all the time in my office, “How you do the little things, is how you do everything.”  And I try to teach that to all my younger practice members.  After all, they are still developing their habits and their way of doing things, right?  And they will probably benefit most by applying those words.  But what about the adult practice members?  What are they looking for?  How are they approaching life?  What do they feel they deserve?

We all live with certain blind spots.  And, at some point in our lives, we all are willing to put up with somewhat less then what we would ideally want for ourselves or our loved ones.  Let’s face it, We compromise.  When we have certain problems, and are faced with various constraints, like time, money, people, materials, etc., we will have a tendency to take what is given to us, rather than have the courage to say, “This isn’t what I asked for, or this isn’t good enough.”  We don’t have to verbalize that to the person giving us less then what we would want or choose.  We may simply look at the circumstances and, because of the constraints, etc., we will take what is given and deal with it being less than ideal.  And if, over time, we are continuously given something lesser then what we asked for, we begin to be conditioned that perhaps we deserve less then what we would ideally want or choose.  This is one of the major things I deal with every day in my practice.  People who are willing to deal with whatever life throws at them, and reacting to life, instead of taking a stronger stance and demanding better, and creating their ideal life.  Once again, they compromise.

When it comes to a person’s well-being, there should be no room for compromise.  Yet it goes on every day.  Society has been conditioned to want better, but will choose less because of the conditioning they have experienced.  And yet so many practice members are told by their other practitioners, “This is the best that can be done for you.” or “There is nothing else that can be done for you.” “You’ll have to learn to live with it.”  Or perhaps, “There is nothing wrong with you, it’s all in your head.”  “Face it Mrs. Jones, you are getting older, and this is a natural process of aging.”  How many of those statements inspire confidence? vs. How many of those statements sponsor being complacent?  I say it is a bunch of crap that a person should be told any of those statements.  Those are the limited thinking of the person making the statement.  What they are truly saying to you is, “There is nothing more that I can do, for I have reached the end of my understanding and hence, my ability to help you.”  And rather then make a referral to a more qualified practitioner, they will not want to appear “less then” themselves, and will stand by their original limiting statements.  And what is worse is the person(s) will accept these limiting statements as truth, and then spend the rest of their lives with a health issue that certainly could change for the better, if given a broader understanding of the possibilities.  It all goes back to what goes on between a person’s ears.  And then it also will depend upon the attitude and ability of the practitioner.  Which brings us back to how all this started:  Do you choose a Master, or a technician when it comes to your health and health care choices?

You might be wondering, what is the difference between the two?  You appreciate the difference in terms, but how does that apply to reality?  How does that apply to your reality?  What makes a practitioner a Health care Master, vs. a Health care technician?  Let me start with the technician, and then I will go to the Master.

A technician is someone who has been trained in a particular discipline.  They have the necessary schooling, the proper degree and the licensing to practice.  That isn’t what makes them a technician.  After all, the Master must meet the same criteria.  What makes them a technician is the way they go about their particular discipline.  One of the differences is, what sponsors their way of doing things?  Do they have the understanding as to why, what they are doing is appropriate for the person’s particular case?  Are they doing or recommending the same thing for every person who is placed before them?  Are they understanding the reason for the choices of what they are doing and applying the understanding to that person, or are they simply going through the motions?  Can they explain, in simple terms, why they are choosing that particular way they are treating, and why that is the appropriate treatment for this situation?  A technician will do things because that’s what they were taught to do when the situation is that particular way.  That’s what they know, so that’s what they apply.  And this is an easy thing to fall into, either from the practitioners stand point, or the patients stand point.  Heck, the patient doesn’t know any better, right?  It all goes back to what we feel inside related to what we feel we deserve.  If the technician feels what they know is all they need, and it doesn’t require a deeper understanding, because they never took the time to truly learn the reasoning behind the technique, they will simply go through the motions.    If the person receiving the care feels worthy of less, or non-deserving of the best, they will accept what the technician is giving, and that’s the best it gets.  They will never ask the necessary questions.  They, themselves, will never understand the reason why.  And they will come to accept the care without fully understanding what the true outcome will be.  And they will continue to go to the technician, and it never gets any better.  Neither their condition, nor the situation they are dealing with.  What’s worse is they will become 100 % dependent on the technician to maintain their situation or circumstance.  Yet this will create security within the technician.  Which is a good thing for the technician’s survival.  After all, hasn’t society created the need for security, along with the expectation of obsolescence?  Pay for the cheaper version now, after all it will probably become obsolete very soon and you’ll need a new one later anyway.  But is that true for your health?  Is that the right attitude you want for your health?  Do you want to take that attitude and apply it to your most important asset?  Appreciate that this can be applied to any discipline, from mechanic vs. Master Mechanic, cook vs. Master Chef, salesmen vs. Master of Sales, technical plumber vs. Master Plumber, etc.  Is this the choice you would make under ideal circumstances for your health?

A Master, on the other hand, understands the reasons behind everything that is being done.  A Master can see the big picture, or at least has an understanding of the big picture.  A Master expects certain outcomes, because the Master understands the process of cause and effect.  A Master begins with the origin and creates something new as an outcome.  A Master works with natural laws and understands the ramifications of choosing a particular path or course of action.  A Master will be able to explain the reasoning behind why they are doing what they are doing in simple terms.  A Master will be able to help the person see and feel the outcome before the outcome occurs.  A Master will take the time to demonstrate why a particular solution to a problem will yield specific results.  A Master will be able to duplicate the understanding within the person receiving the service.  A Master will be able to support the situation from every angle.  A Master will truly create another Master.  They will do this by giving the understanding necessary to allow the person to take full responsibility for their own situation.  They will return ownership to the rightful owner.  There will be no dependence sponsored.

So when it comes to your health, what do you choose?  Do you choose a technician who goes through the motions?  Do you choose that because that is what you feel you deserve?  Do you do that because you never thought better, or have simply become conditioned to expecting and accepting less?  Please don’t do that to yourself.  You deserve better.  Better choices, better understanding and most of all, BETTER OUTCOMES!   You deserve to Be a Master!

My Offer To You

If you are currently a practice member and have been accepting less than ideal outcomes, I want you to come to me and discuss what we need to do to get you the better understanding necessary so you can become a Master of your own health situation. I want to sit down with you and come up with a plan that you can implement to change your current level of health and function to better suit your ideal vision of what your health and life could be.  I don’t want you to accept a life of less than ideal.  I want you to have radiant health, ideal function and abundance of energy based in the understanding necessary to sponsor and maintain such an outcome.  I truly want to help you transform your health and your life.  Do you feel you deserve that?  Could you get excited about that?  Will you allow yourself that?  All you need to do is call the office and tell us to schedule you for the Master Check.  We will take the time to address anything that is less than ideal related to your health and help you to understand what can be done to change your health outcomes.  If you feel you deserve better, you will call the Office right NOW! (845)561-BACK (2225).  Tell us to put you in for the Master Check!  This $100.00 consultation will be given to you for FREE through the 20th of July.  So you must act fast.  That’s only 4 weeks from today.  So call and schedule yourself for the Master Check and do it NOW!

If you are not currently a practice member and want to become a Master of your own health, I offer you the same opportunity.  Call the Office and register to come into one of my FREE Health Care Classes, held every Tuesday evenings at 6:30 pm in my office in Pooler.  You simply have to call the Office at (845)561-BACK (2225) and tell us you want to come to a Free Health Care Class for you Master Check.  You want to become a Master because you deserve to be healthy.  In the class I will teach you how to take you first few steps toward Health Mastery.  But you have to call and register for this class, because class seating is limited.  So call (845)561-BACK (2225)

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For Your Health,

Dr. Richard Huntoon

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