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Pooler Chiropractic Treatments Can Help Ensure a Healthy Heart

Pooler Chiropractic Treatments Can Help Ensure a Healthy Heart
by Dr. Richard Huntoon

Read Pooler Chiropractic Treatments Can Help Ensure a Healthy Heart by Dr. Richard Huntoon to learn more about Advanced Alternative Medicine Center and our Chiropractic office in Pooler, GA.

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Pooler Chiropractic Treatments Can Help Ensure a Healthy HeartCardiovascular diseases are the leading cause of death in America, and a primary health concern in other developed nations. The American Heart Association and various other organizations have been working to educate the public on heart disease risk factors and prevention methods, but one valuable method is often overlooked. Dr. Richard A. Huntoon offers Pooler chiropractic care that can help to both prevent and treat heart health issues. July is Heart Health Month, so it’s the perfect time for New Yorkers to get educated on this important issue!

How Do Chiropractic Treatments Work?

Dr. Richard A. Huntoon is an experienced Pooler chiropractor who has successfully treated many patients who have heart health concerns. You might be asking, how can a chiropractor help with my heart? Chiropractic procedures may seem limited to muscle and joint pain, but they can actually benefit the entire body, inside and out. That’s because everything is connected by the various biological systems that keep our bodies running smoothly each day. A chiropractic realignment can therefore help to decrease blood pressure, relieve chest pain, and improve the nerve functions of the heart, among many other health benefits.

Benefits of Chiropractic Treatment

Lower Blood Pressure

Chiropractic care can adjust the first spinal vertebra, also known as the Atlas vertebra. Research has demonstrated that adjustment of this vertebra is correlated with a significant improvement in blood pressure.

Reduce Chest Pain

If a doctor determines that chest pain is NOT a symptom of poor heart health, your chiropractor may be able to help. Chest pain and shortness of breath can also be caused by conditions that a chiropractor can easily manage, such as rib misalignment, vertebra subluxation, and costochondritis.

Improve Lung Functioning

Spinal manipulation and soft tissue therapy has been found to help improve circulation and lung function. Poor lung function can lead to heart failure, so Pooler chiropractic care can be extremely beneficial for better heart health.

Dr. Richard A. Huntoon is an experienced chiropractor in Pooler GA who specializes in chiropractic therapies and traditional Chinese medicine. He is offering a FREE heart evaluation – worth $125! – for the entire Heart Health Month of July. Visit him at for further details.

For Your Health,

Dr. Richard Huntoon

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