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Are Bugs Getting To You?

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Are Bugs Getting To You?

This is an interesting question to consider for any of you who have traveled to foreign countries, or who tend to eat lots of seafood, tuna, sushi, or for those who have exposure to toxic heavy metals from fillings, antiperspirants, cooking utensils, cosmetics, copper plumbing, copper bottom stainless steel pans, grains and seeds treated with methyl mercury, auto exhaust or leaded gasoline, tobacco smoke, smog from coal burning, some soft waters, ceramics, inks, among many others.  If you do have contact with any of those listed, as most or all of us will, it is quite possible that you currently suffer from, or will suffer from, parasites.  Therefore, it is important to appreciate that being exposed to these on a regular basis and their accumulation within the body (since they are too heavy to be excreted in a normal fashion) will cause one to attract parasites.

Parasites are quite interesting from the standpoint that they help the body get rid of the toxic effects of Heavy Metals.  As mentioned, once the metals enter the body, either through consumption, breathing, or through our skin, because of their heavy weight, they present a problem for excretion by the body.  I liken it to tossing a stone into a stream.  The stream has a flow to it that allows the current to carry things within the stream away.  Unfortunately, a stone will, regardless of the strength of the current, sink to the bottom where it can expect to stay until something comes along to move it.  Heavy Metals once in the body can create a myriad of different symptoms.  Some of these will mimic serious health concerns, such as Multiple Sclerosis, as well as lead to other conditions such as Alzheimer’s Disease.  Depending upon where the Heavy Metals are deposited, in an effort to get them out of the blood stream, the body will continually deposit them within the different parts and will cause their function to be affected as the metals accumulate.  With continued exposure on a regular basis will likely lead to the body developing a myriad of different and vague symptoms.  Unfortunately, most Medical Doctors rarely consider this when evaluating patients for their symptoms.

But I started the newsletter by introducing parasites.  How do they factor into this Heavy Metal accumulation?  Great question.  Since the body is the sum total of all its parts, as one’s chemistry changes, so does the body.  Everyone can appreciate that water stops being water as soon as you add a drop of “lemon” to it.   Well the body changes as the Heavy Metals accumulate.  Since each type of Heavy Metal will resonate a specific frequency of energy, the overall chemistry and energetic frequency of the body begins to change.  The body then starts resonating at a frequency that is unhealthy.  This is when the body begins to be attractive to parasites.  Why?  Because the parasites are attracted to the frequencies the Heavy Metals give off.  And since your body chemistry is off, your Immune Recognition System is compromised, allowing the parasites to walk right in.  And what they do is go to work eating the Heavy Metals.  This is actually a good thing, as it prevents their excess accumulation.  Unfortunately, parasites like variety in their diet, the same as you or I.  So in an effort to spice up their lives, so to speak, they will look for other aspects of the body to eat.  One of the main areas parasites will focus on is the Annulus Fibrosis.  What’s that you ask?  It is the outer protective covering of your vertebral discs.  These discs are the cushions that sit between your vertebrae or back bones.  Designed to withstand the stress and strain we place upon the spine, the discs are vital for allowing flexibility and protection to the bones that house the spinal chord.  Coming out between the vertebrae, in line with the discs, are the spinal nerves.  Therefore, the integrity of these discs is important, if you want to protect the spinal nerves exiting the spinal column.

The Annulus Fibrosis is made of the toughest tissue within the body.  Stronger then bones or teeth.  After all, it has to act as protection, as well as provide flexibility for the spinal chord so we can move about.  So the Annulus Fibrosis is made up of annular fibers, like the rings of a tree that are oriented in a criss-cross pattern.  What this means from a structural standpoint is the more stress placed upon the disc, the stronger it gets.  A visual might be the example of the Chinese finger cuffs.  You can slide you fingers into them quite easily, but to pull the fingers out causes the cuffs to get tighter and stronger.  The more you pull, the tighter and stronger it gets.  The discs of your body work the same way.  So this begs the question, How would something that is supposed to get stronger when stressed, rupture and herniate when doing something like sports or lifting, etc?  Ideally it shouldn’t.  After all, I’m sure the creator of our wonderful bodies didn’t create a system that would fail so easily under stress.  It simply doesn’t make sense.  In order for the Annulus Fibrosis to fail, something has to come along and compromise the integrity of the criss-crossed fibers.  That’s where the parasites come in.  Since the Annulus is tough and fibrous, it mimics the consistency of Heavy Metals.  And in an effort to have some variety in their lives, the parasites will begin to feed off the Annulus.  Then, over time, the strength of the Annulus will be compromised and lessened.  And the next time the disc is loaded, POP!  The disc will rupture or herniate.  Not fun, I assure you.

What You Should Consider

If you experience exposure to Heavy Metals in any of the various forms mentioned above, and if you suffer with vague symptoms of non-specific diseases that you MD can’t seem to get a handle on, you may want to consider the possibility of Heavy Metal toxicity.  If you suffer with digestive concerns from bouts of diarrhea, Irritable Bowel, or symptoms of Crohn’s Disease, you may be suffering with parasites.  If you’ve traveled outside of the country, eaten lots of seafood, tuna or sushi, chances are good that you have a parasite.  If you have a disc herniation, even if it’s been operated on, I can assure you, you have one or more parasites in your system.

What Your Options Are

Treating both Parasites and Heavy Metal toxicity is not a difficult thing.  In fact, I have been doing this for both myself and many of my practice members over the past 18 years.  One of the solutions that is quite effective would be a Standard Process supplement we offer through the office called Zymex II.  By taking this for a period of 12 weeks on a consistent basis, it will allow the parasites to be digested and excreted from the body, naturally.  It really is that simple.  For Heavy Metals, we also use a supplement called Cholacol II which acts as an adsorbent to bind to the Heavy Metals, thus creating a form the body can now excrete.  We also have a new product from Metagenics called MetaloClear.  This digests and gets rid of the heavy metals.  Over time, depending upon the amount of Heavy Metals that have accumulated, the body will rid itself of these harmful toxins.  This ultimately will eliminate the reason for attracting the parasites.  And the best part about it all is your body can now begin to truly heal itself from these different conditions, as the underlying cause will have been eliminated.

My Offer To You

If you suffer from any of the above conditions, including discs herniations, bulges or have a history of back surgery for your herniated disc(s), this offer is for you.  If you have a nagging back or neck condition that seems to radiate pain every now and again, and you are too afraid to have your MD look at it because of what he might find, you owe it to yourself to come in and get checked.  To ALL Current Practice Members and Potential New Practice members, my offer is the same.  CALL THE OFFICE NOW and tell us to put you in for the Bug Check and the I’m Not Into Heavy Metal Anymore Check.  Both of these checks can be done for Current Practice members during their next scheduled visit.  Normally a $75.00 value each, I will include both during your next scheduled office visit for the rock bottom price of FREE!  That’s right, there is a $150.00 savings to you to find out What’s Eatin’ You!  So call The Office at (845) 561-BACK (2225) and tell us to put you in for both the Bug Check and the I’m Not Into Heavy Metal Anymore Check.  But you must hurry.  This offer expires at the end of June.  So Call The Office and Schedule this before your Summer gets into full swing, and you miss the opportunity.  Call The Office TODAY!

For All New Potential Practice Members, I offer you the opportunity to come to my FREE Health Care Class on Tuesday Evenings at 6:30 pm in the Pooler Office.  During the class, I will answer all your questions related to your health, and give you the Bug Check and the I’m Not Into Heavy Metal Anymore Check.  The Checks are completely painless, and you will know before the class is over if you suffer from parasites or heavy metal toxicity, or both.  Since class size is limited, you must call for reservations.  Simply call The Office at (845) 561-2225 and tell us to reserve your seat in my next health care class.  But don’t wait, as the offer for the Bug Check and I’m Not Into Heavy Metal Anymore Check must be done before the 1st of JulyCall The Office Today!

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