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The Doctor Supervised Fall Clean Up Is Here!

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Welcome to Advanced Alternative Medicine Center's Fall Clean Up Archive. Here you can learn more about Advanced Alternative Medicine Center, Chiropractic, and Dr. Richard Huntoon, today's choice for Chiropractors in Pooler, GA. Read Dr. Richard Huntoon's Chiropractic Fall Clean Up for the health of it.

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The Doctor Supervised Fall Clean Up Is Here!

Will You Participate?

It’s finally here!  The moment you’ve all been waiting for!  The Doctor Supervised Fall Clean Up Starts Tomorrow !  Will you participate in this 9 day program designed specifically to restore balance to your Large Intestine, Lungs and Skin.  That’s right, it will help to clean out all the garbage and toxins that have built up within each of them due to pollution, processed foods and poor health habits.  It is the time of year where the energy is highest in these three organs, and the BEST time of year to clean them out.  It is the time for Letting Go!  Doing this just before Winter will allow for the body to recycle itself this Winter with less stress and more clarity.  And who couldn’t use more clarity in their life?

What does it entail?  Modifying your diet for the 9 days, of which it repeats itself 3 different times, so in reality, you modify your diet 3 times during the 9 day process.  Is it hard?  Please!  Anyone can do this for 9 days.  What are the possible side-effects to this program?  Lowered Cholesterol, Lowered Blood Pressure, less problems related to Colitis, Diverticulitis, Irritable Bowel, Upper Respiratory conditions such as Colds, the Flu, Bronchitis, Asthma, Skin conditions such as Eczema, Psoriasis, Hives, Rosacea, and Dandruff.  Would losing any of those be of benefit to you?  How about increased energy and better sleep?  Would those interest you?  What if the mucus your body creates, if that was to stop, along with the post nasal drip?  How would that make you feel?  All of this is possible.  And all of it can happen for you, but it would require a certain level of commitment on your part.

Call the Office at (845)561-2225 and ask us to order the necessary products for your Doctor Supervised Fall Clean Up Program.  We can usually have the product available for you within 2 days of calling.  But don’t wait!  Occasionally, our supplier is on back-order.  So why wait?  Call the Office NOW and tell us to order enough for your Doctor Supervised Fall Clean Up Program.  Again, it’s only 9 days.  It will make a huge difference in your health, vitality and energy.  It will minimize the likelihood of developing sickness this Winter, and will set the body up so that next March, you can Spring into great health.

Call the Office TODAY and arrange for a time where you and I can get together for about 15 minutes and discuss what specifics are necessary for you and your Doctor Supervised Fall Clean Up Program.  Appreciating that everyone is different, taking the time to ask your body what is needed to support your Doctor Supervised Fall Clean Up Program is important.  If you are going to commit to the 9 days, we want to create the greatest amount of change within your system, restoring the normal function to those three organs, the Large Intestine, Lungs and Skin.

The program period runs from Tomorrow, October 21st through December 9th.  And the Doctor Supervised Fall Clean Up Program is only for 9 days of those 7 weeks.  Look at your calendar.  Thanksgiving is on the 22nd of November.  Getting this 9 day program in before that Thanksgiving Thursday will allow for you to clean things out before you overload your system with Holiday Cheer.  If you aren’t organized enough before then, and after the long weekend of turkey and relatives, you’ll want to help yourself?  That’s still not a problem.  You can fit the 9 days in before the 9th of December.  While your calendar is out, call the Office and tell us when you want to do this program.  It’s for you.  It’s for your health. Why wouldn’t you want to give yourself an early holiday gift by giving yourself the opportunity to restore your internal balance?  Call the Office and take advantage of the time of year and the natural energy to support these cleansing organs.  Call the Office TODAY!  (845) 561-2225. Do it NOW!

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